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‘Sexting’ Acronyms That ‘Kids’ Are Using These Days…

‘Sexting’ Acronyms That ‘Kids’ Are Using These Days…

By Donna de Levante Raphael
Pride Parenting Columnist

When your child seems so engrossed in what you may think is an innocent conversation check out what I found in a report on technology or trends, it just doesn’t translate well but you will get the gist of it. Anyways, I stumbled upon this list of acronyms that ‘parents’ should know. The list is from: www.myfoxatlanta.com. I got a good laugh out of these…But the truth is, parents we still are responsible for our kids, so you should know what is going on at home as well as at school and when they are with their friends. This is what your kids know these days, do you? It’s a little graphic but you’ll get over it, real quick.

8 = Oral sex

1337 = Elite

143 = I love you

182 = I hate you

459 = I love you

1174 = Nude club

420 = Marijuana

ADR = Address

ASL = Age/Sex/Location

Banana = Penis

CD9 or Code 9 = Parents are around

DUM = Do You Masturbate?

DUSL = Do You Scream Loud?

FB = F*** Buddy

FMLTWIA = F*** Me Like The Whore I Am

FOL = Fond of Leather

GNOC = Get Naked On Cam

GYPO = Get Your Pants Off

IAYM = I Am Your Master

IF/IB = In the Front or In the Back

IIT = Is It Tight?

ILF/MD = I Love Female/Male Dominance

IMEZRU = I Am Easy, Are You?

IWSN = I Want Sex Now

J/O = Jerking Off

KFY or K4Y = Kiss For You

Kitty = Vagina

KPC = Keeping Parents Clueless

MorF = Male or Female

LMIRL = Let’s Meet In Real Life

MOOS = Member Of The Opposite Sex

WYCM = Will You Call Me?

MOS = Mom Over Shoulder

MPFB = My Personal F*** Buddy

NALOPKT = Not A Lot Of People Know That

NIFOC = Nude In Front Of The Computer

NMU = Not Much, You?

P911 = Parent Alert

PAL = Parents Are Listening

PAW = Parents Are Watching

PIR = Parent In Room

POS = Parent Over Shoulder or Piece Of Sh**

PRON = Porn

Q2C = Quick To Cum

RU/18 = Are You Over 18?

RUH = Are You Horny?

S2R = Send To Receive

SorG = Straight or Gay

TDTM = Talk Dirty To Me

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