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Should I Buy New Or Used?

Should I Buy New Or Used?

When it comes to outfitting a new home or updating your current home, replacing furniture and appliances can make a huge difference in modernizing a space.

While switching out your old leather sofa and avocado colored refrigerator may be a no-brainer, choosing whether to buy new or used furniture and appliances can be tricky.

Although buying second hand can be a great way to save money, don’t get carried away by the sticker price alone, says Phil Dorner president of the Ontario Real Estate Association.

“Make sure the piece(s) that you are buying are good quality and in-line with the overall look and feel of the room,” says Dorner.

In terms of furniture, look for pieces that are solid wood, well-built and in good working order – check that drawers slide correctly, tables and chairs are sturdy and if there are multiple pieces, that parts (such as table leaves) are not missing.

When it comes to couches, check the springs, the frame, the legs and the cushions. If there is anything amiss and you are still interested in purchasing the piece, negotiate with the seller and see if you can’t skim some money off to pay for the cost of the repairs on the piece.

Appliances can be a little trickier to purchase second hand but you can find great quality second hand models.

Although not technically second hand, floor model appliances are a good place to start your search. Floor models are brand new but due to the wear and tear associated with the sales floor, may have dents or scratches that can usually be buffed off or disguised, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars off the purchase price.

If you are considering buying a used appliance, do your research first. By looking into the brand and the model and reading the reviews of other consumers, you can save yourself a lot of time and headaches down the line. Popular models are usually a good bet since parts will be readily available and affordable, should you require a replacement part.

To Dorner, “When it comes to buying second hand furniture and appliances, you tend to get what you pay for but by doing your homework, trying before you buy and not getting carried away by price alone, you can certainly uncover some hidden treasures to help update your space.”

“If you are changing your décor in preparation of selling your home, be sure to speak to your Realtor about the updates that resonate with potential buyers,” says Dorner.

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