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REAL ESTATE…with a difference: Howard Hughes’ Lake Tahoe Cabin!

REAL ESTATE…with a difference: Howard Hughes’ Lake Tahoe Cabin!

To anyone who has experienced life in the warm natural beauty of a log cabin, it may not come as a surprise that reclusive billionaire, Howard Hughes, had an appreciation for uncomplicated raw nature. When he bought this cabin in the 1950s during his prime, Hughes probably used it to decompress after living the high life of dating actresses, running a film studio (RKO), making controversial films and designing aircraft.

It’s only natural that when we hear or read the name Howard Hughes that we think of his wealth, his massive seaplane Spruce Goose, and his heavily publicized reclusiveness. Hughes was, however, a man of many achievements, including the many innovations he brought to the aircraft industry, such as inventing the first retractable landing gear and breaking numerous speed records in aircraft of his own design. A highly successful businessman, he was quick to help those in need and his philanthropic contributions for medical research were prolific.

Howard Hughes started to slide into seclusion after his last plane crash in 1946, in which he sustained serious injuries. It was believed he was in ever increasing pain afterwards and possibly suffered from allodynia, where anything touching the body caused unbearable pain. He also suffered from obsessive-compulsive behavior which became increasingly pronounced with age. Hughes died in 1976 at age 70 from kidney failure, which was attributed to the use of acetaminophens which he used heavily in conjunction with codeine to relieve pain.

Hughes’ enchanting log cabin at the edge of Lake Tahoe is the essence of the rustic cabin experience. Built in 1934 by skilled log crafters and maintained through the years to the highest level of perfection, it is located on over 5.5 gated acres with over 500’ of Crystal Bay waterfront. The main house consists of 2,518 square feet with five bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The large vaulted, beamed great room contains a massive stone fireplace and lovely water views. The guest house, built in 1940, is 1,343 square feet with two bedrooms and two baths, also with commanding views of the lake and stone fireplace. The property has a four-car garage, pier, buoy and large meadow.

Howard Hughes charming log cabin on Lake Tahoe near Incline Village, now listed at $19.5 million.

Photo credit:  Joy Strotz

src: chaseinternational.com

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