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Trudeau Visits Hunter’s Campaign Office

Trudeau Visits Hunter’s Campaign Office

TORONTO, Ontario – Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, visited Mitzie Hunter’s filled to-capacity campaign office last Friday night.

Trudeau asked the enthusiastic crowd of local supporters to work hard to make sure Hunter is elected to Queen’s Park. “You deserve a strong voice at the table, and Mitzie is that voice,” he said. “She is a great example of the type of person we need to run for office – and to win that office.”

Trudeau was joined by John McKay, the MP for Scarborough-Guildwood.

McKay called Hunter a person who “understands the importance of strong working relationship between federal and provincial representatives to meet the needs of Scarborough-Guildwood residents. I look forward to working with her.”

Hunter thanked Trudeau and McKay for their support, and noted that the first week of the 28-day campaign has been a successful one, with many volunteers stepping up to support her and Premier Kathleen Wynne and her team.

“We have three weeks to go to bring our positive campaign to the doorsteps of Scarborough-Guildwood,” she said.

As a Scarborough native, Hunter said the key issues she is hearing at the door include employment, housing, and transit. She vowed to champion solutions to these issues at Queen’s Park, if she is elected as the MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood.

“I will work collaboratively with the community to address their issues, including creating jobs right here and helping people in their everyday lives. And, as we all know, when people work together to find solutions to common goals, they are unstoppable,” she said.

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