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REAL ESTATE…with a difference: President Obama’s Summer Vacation House?

REAL ESTATE…with a difference: President Obama’s Summer Vacation House?

It’s that time of year when the Obamas take their usual summer vacation – Martha’s Vineyard again. It might just be the details of presidential vacation logistics, but the Obamas seem to have gotten into a bit of a rut. It’s Hawaii every winter and Cape Cod every summer. Except last year, when the President was too busy with the 2012 election to do his usual summer beach thing.

This year’s Obama vacation is scheduled to begin August 10th, but as is also usual, the location is a secret. While most recent presidents have had a vacation home to enjoy such as George W. Bush’s Texas ranch and Ronald Reagan’s Santa Barbara home, President Obama doesn’t have that luxury. Unless you have ever considered Chicago’s South Side for your next vacation. Not many postcards sent from the President’s old neighborhood since the 1893 World’s Fair. That was held just two miles from the President’s Chicago home. Where he never goes anymore.

Of course the minute it is announced, the conservative media starts their routine complaining. They conveniently forget that Bush II had more vacations than any U.S. president in history. If you consider five weeks in Texas in the summer a vacation.

Most people agree that President Obama deserves a vacation. Lest we not forget, last summer the President’s summer vacation was totally ruined as he was on the campaign trail, and his Christmas vacation was interrupted due to congressional clashes over the fiscal cliff, so he must really be looking forward to this particular vacation, which hopefully will be uninterrupted old fashioned family time – maybe with some good non-political friends thrown in to enhance the experience. The big question is, “Where are they going?” While we’re pondering that, it’s a good time to remember some of the family’s other vacation spots.

Most people have seen with envy the beautiful tropical homes the Obamas rented for their Christmases at the tip end of Kailua beach in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. Some may even remember their not-as-glamorous Cape Cod vacation house in 2008, soon after he was first elected. But the one we can’t forget was Blue Heron Farm in Martha’s Vineyard where the presidential family stayed in the summers of 2009, ‘10 and ‘11. Regretfully it has been sold, but was perfect for a family who necessarily must take a small army of Secret Service agents on vacation too.

On this fine gentleman’s farm, there is another house near the entrance made to order for the Secret Service personnel, giving the family more privacy at the main house and beyond. At just over 28 acres tucked back from pristine Atlantic Beach, this is the place that Barack and Michelle were able to turn the kids loose to run and explore with never a danger in sight. The privacy was exceptional and the grounds had every conceivable activity and pleasure for all age groups and interests. One of the best features was the pristine beach accessible by boat or a road leading to a private beach club. It was also a carefully thought-out equestrian farm with an antique stable brought from Pennsylvania. But they could also take a swim in the water-view pool with hot tub, or play a round at the stunning par-3 mini-golf course, enjoy the tennis court and basketball court, or even play a rousing game of horseshoes. With a combined total of 13 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, you can’t ask for a better family and friends retreat.

Had the farm not been sold in 2011, we’re guessing Blue Heron would be the Obama’s first choice for summer, 2013.

src: usatoday.com

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