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Prep Your Home For Fall And Winter Weather

Prep Your Home For Fall And Winter Weather

(NC) – Autumn is upon us, which means winter isn’t far behind. As you take out warmer clothes and think about snow tires, don’t forget that your home needs to be prepared for winter weather too.

In order to keep your home in good shape for the long run, proper maintenance should be performed year-round, say advisers in this field. If you live in a home that’s less than seven years old, regular maintenance is also an essential part of protecting your new home warranty. All new homes in Ontario come with a warranty that lasts seven years from the date of the first possession, guaranteed by Tarion Warranty Corporation. The warranty protects homeowners from issues like water penetration through the basement or foundation walls and defects in the electrical, plumbing and heating systems.

To ensure your home warranty is protected, a fall maintenance plan should include:

• Checking windows and doors for cracks around the framing; and recaulking if you notice any cracks or separations;

• Clearing leaves from eavestroughs, and examining downspouts for damage;

• Having your roof inspected to ensure shingles, flashing and chimney caps are in place and sealed properly;

• Shutting off your exterior water supply and draining exterior water lines;

• Testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors;

• Checking your sump-pump float and discharge line and testing overall operation;

• Installing a protective winter cover on your air conditioning unit;

• Cleaning or replacing your furnace filter

• Inspecting your fireplace and chimney dampers and servicing or cleaning if necessary;

• Winterizing your landscape by storing outdoor furniture and covering plants.

Maintaining a home properly keeps things in good condition, helps you avoid costly repairs in the future, and ensures that your warranty is protected. A comprehensive checklist of seasonal maintenance tips can be found online at tarion.com.

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