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REAL ESTATE…with a difference: Mary Kay’s Dallas Mansion!

REAL ESTATE…with a difference: Mary Kay’s Dallas Mansion!

Mary Kay Ash’s success as a makeup maven and turning $5,000 into a multi-billion dollar success story is well-known, but her methods of achieving it inspire a schizophrenic set of viewpoints. Regarding her multi-level marketing business model, or as Forbes called it, “little more than a legal version of a pyramid scheme” that “preys on women,” to Entrepreneur, Inc.’s opinion that Mary Kay has played an “important role in the advancement of women entrepreneurs.”

While Fortune was listing it as one of the best 100 companies to work for, the Internet was exploding with ex-consultants claiming the exact opposite. Whatever the truth, since the company was founded 50 years ago in 1963 in Dallas, Mary Kay Cosmetics has grown into one of the largest direct to consumer sales companies in the world.

Now for sale, Mary Kay’s iconic signature pink Texas mansion, her opulent showplace to highlight her success and to entertain in grand style. Fortunately for most potential buyers, the current owners neutralized the pink into sophisticated beige shades. The 12,115 square foot mansion consists of six bedrooms and seven baths on 1.05 acres in the coveted Old Preston Hollow neighborhood. Special features include several large marble staircases, paneled den, large kitchen and wine cellar. All rooms are large-scaled and many have 40’ ceilings. The floor-to-ceiling arched windows have beveled glass panes and fill the home with natural light. Outside is a Romanesque pool with columns and statues said to have been inspired by the pool at Hearst’s San Simeon Castle. Landscaped grounds contain trees, pools, fountains and a koi pond.

Mary Kay’s former house was originally priced at $5.7 million, now asking $2.8 million. It is one of the prettiest mansions in Dallas.

src: alliebethallman.com

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