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Make Sure You Prepare Your Car For The Winter Roads This Year

Make Sure You Prepare Your Car For The Winter Roads This Year

(NC) — In most areas of Canada, winter weather can significantly affect your life on the road and have a major impact on the condition of your car. While necessary on the pavement, salt and sand can wreak havoc on your paint job, leading to unsightly – and unsafe – rust, so preparing the exterior of your car to deal with the reality of the Canadian roads is important. In doing so, the conditioned exterior will act as a barrier between your paint and the harsh elements, so you’ll have a much easier time washing away the grime over the course of the winter.

“A big part of ensuring that your car stays in tip top shape throughout the winter months is cleaning and preparing your vehicle beforehand,” notes Dave Lambert, Brand Manager for Autoglym Canada.

Lambert shares the three essential steps you can take to properly clean your vehicle in advance of the winter months:

Wash: Regular washing when possible is ideal to remove the salts that accumulate, which will eventually deteriorate wheel arches and the car’s undercarriage.

Polish: After washing your car, you need to polish. A proper polish will restore gloss to dull surfaces and remove the appearance of light scratches and swirls from your paintwork.

Protect: Waxing is the important final touch, and will seal in the finish achieved from polish, all the while protecting the car from abrasive winter elements such as salt, sand and acid rain. A product like Autoglym High Definition Wax will help to maintain clean, dry, blemish free paintwork.

Other important steps to prepare for winter driving include:

  • Checking the health of your battery
  • Inspecting the condition of your windshield wipers
  • Topping up antifreeze
  • Checking your tire pressure and consider installing winter tires
  • Packing an emergency roadside kit
  • Keeping your gas tank as full as possible at all times

Cleaning and preparing your car for the winter roads with the above tips can help keep your car running smoothly throughout the winter season.

More information on automotive care is available online at www.autoglym.com.

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