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Anthony Stephen Benjamin: Fearlessly Fighting For His Clients’ Rights

Anthony Stephen Benjamin: Fearlessly Fighting For His Clients’ Rights

By Beverly Browne
Pride Contributing Writer

TORONTO, Ontario – On any given day, the Benjamin Law firm hears many different stories from people who have experienced accidents or injuries that drastically change their lifestyle.

Anthony Stephen Benjamin is a Toronto lawyer whose fast-growing practice specializes in Personal Injury Law. It fights for the right amount of benefits available from insurance policies on behalf of his clients. The claims might be related to short- or long-term disabilities, falls, automobile accidents, or even pensions.

In a typical month, Mr. Benjamin comes across many people who are injured, unable to work or care for themselves, and are unsure of what their next step should be.

In a caring and respectful environment, Mr. Benjamin lays out what they can expect his law firm to do for them.

“I explain the process and the outcomes. I make no promises, I give no dollar value on what you’re going to get, but I make it clear what results are expected, and how fees are charged.”

His firm works on a contingency basis. That means clients never pay any money unless a claim is successful.

With such a business model, it’s clear that the firm would need to be successful most of the time, or it would soon be out of business. Mr. Benjamin says his cases are “successful 99% of the time.”

What that tells you is that if the firm takes your case, the lawyer earnestly believes you can be helped. On the day this interview was conducted, Mr. Benjamin says his firm settled seven cases, with each individual receiving more than $40,000.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has some clear definitions on disabilities. Within those definitions it describes, “any degree of physical disability, infirmity, malformation or disfigurement that is caused by bodily injury”.

The following examples are some types of scenarios that people have to contend with after an accident, and that might periodically come across the desk of Benjamin Law:

Health related injuries

These can cover a range – from something as simple as an allergic reaction to asthmatic symptoms caused by chemicals in the workplace. It is possible to work in the same environment for a long period, become sensitized to the substances, and only develop symptoms later in life. But then there can also be more serious health injuries.

Another type of health-related injury that Mr. Benjamin cites is the example of a cancer patient who has a mastectomy. And out of that, other serious issues develop.

Fall in a public place

You’re walking in a department store, unaware that the floor is wet. You fall flat on your back, banging your head in the process. Although you feel dizzy and you know your back is sore, out of embarrassment, you quickly get up and continue on as if nothing has happened. Days later, your whole body aches; you find yourself in severe pain even to breathe or stand.

Vehicle accident

Perhaps the most common type of personal injury occurs from motor automobile accidents. This can occur whether you’re in the vehicle or you’re a pedestrian. An accident can leave you needing medical  and rehabilitation care, help with housekeeping, and perhaps even income replacement for the time you’re incapacitated. In some scenarios, the driver of the vehicle who caused the accident might be uninsured. Yet through no fault of your own, you’re left seriously injured and without an income. If you’re the victim in such a case, you’ll need the help of a good lawyer.

Mr. Benjamin says his firm provides advice on your rights, what you are entitled to receive, and how you can enforce those rights. Perhaps most important for people to know is that claims have corresponding deadlines. If you don’t claim before the deadline, it will be your loss.

Mr. Benjamin was born in St. Vincent. However, he grew up in Trinidad and also lived in Barbados.

His first job in Canada was with the Ministry of the Attorney General and the Financial Insurance Services Commission (FISCO). His work in both of these agencies provided good insight into his current role of helping claimant’s access benefits.

The growing multicuturally-staffed office of Benjamin Law serves people of all ethnicities. Far from being a micro-manager, within his staff, Mr. Benjamin says he has created “centres of strength.” That means that each staff member is a person of integrity and each individual has freedom within the core business parameters to design his or her own schedule. This way of operating has worked well for the firm.

Also worth noting is the fact that his business contributes to the community it serves. He finds out what organizations and charities his clients support, or where they attend church so that, as he says, “we can support what they support” through charitable donations.

If you need advice for any type of personal injury, call Benjamin Law for a free consultation. The number is 1-855-899-4878.

Photo by Anthony Giangrosso.

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