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“Very Pleased With Your Contribution”

Happy Friday Sandy, 

My name is M.Diaz and I have been meaning to send you a few words of feedback and finally got the chance.

I read Pride News Magazine weekly and must say that each week I look forward to your section. Keep up the good work and “saying it like it is”.

I can sense you are a very honest person and this is reflected in your writing. While I find all of your submissions interesting, I’m commenting on two specific ones.

The first from October 30 on the whole issue of men’s fantasies and expectations. You were right on point with some of those ideas they come up with. If you were close by I’d give you a high five! I love when you said to suggest something involving another man – exactly what I was thinking. Thank you for being so candid about this as many don’t talk about it so openly.

The second piece from November 13 on the whole scandal with our mayor was also very well done. I thought no one else was thinking this way until I read your article. Who are we to be judging anybody? Rob Ford is just a man – he’s not God. I’m quite sure if any of the other people out there had surveillance unknown to them watching their every move, there would be some things they would not be too proud of.

I’m also glad that you brought up some people with celebrity status who do things that may not be “right” or moral in our eyes, but again who are we to judge?

Well I hope you get my point. I am very pleased with your contribution to the paper. It definitely brings some spice to the readers.

Big up and have a great day!

Toronto, Ontario

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