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Tips For Getting The Best Price For Your Car

Tips For Getting The Best Price For Your Car

NC – Everyone wants the best price possible when selling their car. To do this, it’s important that you know what your vehicle is worth in the current market – and you will also want to practise how to up-sell the car’s great features and benefits. Here are some useful tips to help you sell your vehicle for a great price:

Price it right – Start with the Canadian Black Book, use the value finder tool on AutoTrader.ca, or look at online classified sites and classified ads to see the average price of your make and model. Take into account other factors that influence your selling price like age, mileage, wear and tear, maintenance, the car’s accessories, added features or updates, physical flaws and mechanical issues. Once you’ve decided on a price point, know your bottom line. Buyers expect that there will be some room for price negotiations – have you left space for this in your price?

Write the perfect ad – If you’re posting your vehicle for sale online or offline, your ad needs to be easy-to-read, professional and eye-catching. This is your chance to convince the car shopper that your car is the one for them. The ad needs to contain all the important information – year, make, model, price, features – and should also highlight what’s unique or special about your car.

Take great photos – Always provide a photo in your ads. Listings with pictures of the vehicle attract more attention as it gives the car shopper a better idea of what you’re selling and can help validate the price. You’ll want to make sure that the photographs are clear, easy-to-see and show off your vehicle’s best side.

Share the vehicle’s history – A Car Proof vehicle history report can confirm that the vehicle has never been in an accident and can create trust between you and the buyer. If the vehicle has been in an accident, then the report allows you to be transparent and gives you the chance to explain exactly what was repaired. Knowing the vehicle’s past can also give the buyer more confidence in your asking price.

Highlight your car’s best assets – When it comes time to meet with a buyer, know which areas of the car you want to bring to their attention. You might want to talk about the car’s low mileage, the options inside, or the new tires that you just put on – think about what adds value to the car. Trust your price and be prepared to back it up with clear reasons and selling points.

Re-evaluate if needed – If you can’t find a buyer and your vehicle has been on the market longer than you were hoping, you might want to re-evaluate your strategy. To get more leads, maybe you need to rework your ads to make your vehicle more appealing. If your price is scaring everyone away, perhaps you should come down a little so that it’s more in line with the market.

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