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6 Tips For Your Best Garden Yet

6 Tips For Your Best Garden Yet

NC – Home owners know that the garden is an extension of the home and this year a lush lawn, perfect hedges and beautiful flower beds are all within your reach. Here from Husqvarna, a leader in outdoor power products, are six quick tips to help you lay the foundation for your best garden yet:

1. Clean up, blow, and rake: Start the spring-cleaning when the snow has melted and the soil has dried a bit. Rake or blow away layers of leaves that can lead to the grass moulding or decaying.

2. Clear away weeds: Get rid of any weeds as early as possible, before the sun gives them energy to start growing. Also be sure to cut away withered leaves and grass from cultivated parts of the garden.

3. Loosen the soil: This makes it possible for the oxygen to reach the roots of the plants – and makes for a better-looking flowerbed. In smaller beds, hand tools do the trick to loosen the soil but if you’re working with larger areas, a rotary cultivator is best.

4. Trim the hedges: A good-looking hedge starts with the initial cutting. Hedges with leaves should be trimmed during winter or early spring. Conifers are better trimmed during the growing period, one time in early spring and once in the middle of the summer.

5. Mow the lawn: Your grass needs time to recover after the winter. Remember not to cut it too short. With a grass level of 5-9 cm, you will have a fine, sustainable lawn.

6. Trim: The secret to an immaculate looking garden is in the detail, if you want your lawn and flower beds to look good, make sure you trim the edges.

Additional gardening tips and information about tool options for proper technique can be found online at www.husqvarna.ca. Or ask an expert at your local dealer.

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