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Eco Gardens Attract More Than Butterflies

Eco Gardens Attract More Than Butterflies

Part of a Realtor’s job is to stay up to date on what helps make a house attractive to potential buyers. On the list of hot trends Realtors are spying these days is the eco-friendly garden.

Many homebuyers are keen to purchase a home with a “green” garden for several reasons.  First, eco-friendly gardens tend to be low-maintenance so less work and upkeep. Eco-gardens can also be economical and kind to the environment by using less water and inexpensive natural methods of pest-control and fertilization.

“A well-tended garden can add great curb appeal to a home,” says Costa Poulopoulos, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). “For the environmentally friendly buyers out there, an eco-friendly garden can be an attractive selling feature.”

Creating an eco-friendly garden is just like creating a regular garden in that you need to start with a plan. There are plenty of tips on the Internet for eco-gardening and your local garden centre will have plenty of advice to share as well.

Once you have a basic plan or layout, you can begin selecting plants for your garden. Look for native plants (plants that are common to your area) which tend to be hardier, more drought tolerant and pest resistant. Some common types of flowering plants include daylilies, Shasta daisy, coneflower, and Black-eyed Susan. Many of these plants are perennials which you will enjoy year after year. You can then use annuals to add splashes of colour throughout the season.

Ornamental grasses have become very popular in gardens as well. Not only are they low-maintenance and water-saving, they also look great year round.

Another popular gardening trend is replacing grass with stone pavers or pebbles. Great green expanses of lawn are real water hogs that require constant mowing and maintenance. If you prefer grass, go for a low-maintenance lawn which is made up of a diverse mix of hardy, drought-tolerant, slow-growing and low-height turf grasses, fescues, and broadleaf species such as clover.

The design possibilities for an eco-friendly front garden are endless. However, if you find the whole process overwhelming, consider hiring a landscape designer to draw up your plans. Many garden centres will provide this service for free or at a reduced rate if you buy the plants from them.

A colourful spring garden can be a feast for the eyes after a long winter and can also be part of the plan to create a great first impression for your home. If you are planning on selling your home, be sure to speak to a Realtor to learn more about the trends that can help make your home more attractive inside and out.

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This article is provided by local REALTORS® and the Ontario Real Estate Association for the benefit of consumers in the real estate market. 

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