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A New Ford In The Running For Trustee In Toronto

A New Ford In The Running For Trustee In Toronto

TORONTO, Ontario – Toronto can look forward to seeing a new Ford in the October Municipal elections – Tiffany Ford will be running for TDSB School Trustee of the York West Region.

Born and raised in the  Jane-Finch community, Ford, an African Canadian, has an authentic perspective of what it means to be labeled an “at-risk” youth, while striving beyond the stereotypes and stigma that marginalized people are faced with in Toronto’s York West community.

Ford is the founder of Beyond ‘at-Risk’, which  aims to dismantle negative connotations associated with the term ‘at-risk’, by challenging and deconstructing harmful stereotypes to enhance meaningful programming for youth living  in ‘high-priority’ neighbourhoods.

“The opportunity to directly influence change for better schools, accessibility to quality education, providing transparency and promoting a holistic approach for serving our young people in York West is an opportunity I must utilize,” says Ford.

If elected as the York West Trustee, Ford – the founder of Ford Global Group, which is the parent company of the marketing communications firm, Ford Publicity – will have her primary focus on forging the interrelationship between students, teachers, parents, principals and the community to maximize accountability and transparency.

“It’s important for me to stay connected to those who are affected the most by the ongoing issues in the schools in this region,” adds Ford. “It’s a huge part of what will make us accountable and help bring about a real change.”

Ford will also be committed to creating fiscal responsibility without budget cuts to the classroom; promoting safe and healthy school environments; better tools for educators; more funding for schools in York West and more transportation for students.

Earlier this year, Ford expanded her entrepreneurial portfolio and ventured into the telecom industry with Pepeyee Communications.

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