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Birds Of A Feather?

Dear Editor:

Assimilation and integration has caused the ideology of Rastafari to be contaminated with Babylonian thoughts and sympathies. Hearing Patrick Roots and King David from CIUT radio describe Rastafest as “Not a Black thing but a Rasta ting” sent me thinking about how powerful brainwashing is.

Then to later see the financial emblems of Babylon proudly positioned beside the imagery of Rasta was confusing. Have we not learnt anything from the loss of Caribana? It’s also sending the wrong message about Rastafari and who they should associate with.

We have sold our souls to the devil. Because they know the people will reject the foolishness they present, it is done for nearly free because it is now backed-up by the slave master’s children on his quest to make us his perpetual life customer.

When Bob Marley came the people paid because they knew it was real, now to make it appear as if the people are interested in the foolishness presented and to see our demography white folks sponsor these events.

Like the colours of Rastafari, we are now turning upside down.

Forward ever, 


Editor’s note: Huh?

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