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Sex And The City: The Big Apple Calls Yet Again!

Sex And The City: The Big Apple Calls Yet Again!

New York City in the summer time is the stuff that dreams are made of! Summertime in New York is always a fun time for me, and as I spend yet another week and a half in the city that I call my ‘second home’, I am forever reminded that love, passion and downright raw energy still exist. “Sandy, boo why didn’t you tell me that you were coming to town honey?” A very long time ‘boo’ said to me as he noticed my Facebook post that I was in the Big Apple. “You know seh baby or no baby, mi still love you off.”

Oh, do I love the New York men; as they are not afraid to play their part in this game that we call ‘the chase’ between us genders. This ‘come to me anytime Sandy’ attitude from the men in the Big Apple, coupled with the fact that I am in the Big Apple of course reminds me of my favourite sitcom of all time; Sex and the City.

Sex and the City 2, the romantic comedy movie which was released in 2010, had most of us flocking to the theaters in droves, as we were all desperate to have Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte fill our lives once again with sarcasm, humour, love, men and amazing outfits. From designer duds from the late Alexander McQueen, to Prada to Gucci, to vintage fashion; the clothes in my opinion, were the main characters in this wonderful chick-flick.

“If only I could wrap myself in every outfit and ride a camel in Morocco as they all did,” I thought to myself back then. This of course then made me ask myself: “Which character would I be if I, Sandy Daley, was in this film?” Which character are you?

I see myself very similar to Carrie, not only because she was the writer in the bunch, but her zany, off the wall, fiercely inquisitive mind and her quirky but troublesome spirit with a sweet undertone, reminded me of myself. A muzzle on my mouth though would probably be helpful; and Carrie certainly needed one as well. Then again, Samantha, the sexpot of the bunch, who at a drop of a dime would discuss, detail, and happily enlighten you on the joys of sex and her sexual escapades, was also very similar to Sandy Daley.

Though my sex life is certainly not as interesting as hers (unfortunately), her desire for complete honestly is also similar to mine. “Sandy, some people might just be a little bit turned off by the things that you say in your articles,” my very close male friend Donovan said to me recently. “Many people would ask why you say the things that you say and why you put yourself out there like that,” he went on to say. “You must be joking?” I asked him. “Those are the same people who behind closed doors are the freakiest and the most dishonest,” I said to him.

Then there was Charlotte – sweet, vulnerable, and ever forgiving Charlotte with her perfect family, adopted children from some foreign land, and the loving Jewish lawyer husband who adored her. I was certainly not jealous, but I would be thankful for the ever doting lawyer husband, as the recession kicks in, and thoughts of me hawking my books on the highway from the back of a pickup truck – similar to Maya from Girlfriends, flash across my mind.

Her vulnerability at times is reminiscent of me on days when I believe in love again, and most importantly, in the good of mankind. Those days are few and far in between I must admit at times, but they do surface now and then. And Miranda? This character that rarely believed in love but instead focused on work and herself before she finally met and married Steve, was the most like me on most days, I believe.

Without a doubt Miranda was one of my favourite characters, as her traits and her steadfast attitude towards her work so mirrors my life in many ways. With the ladies of Sex and the City now forever etched in stone in our minds, and the memories of days gone by when we would gather together in our little groups, intently watching each episode are only but a memory, we can now be the star of our own movie.

This trip should be interesting, as I maneuver my life with a new baby in tow and a past life of tall, dark, and sexy New Yorkers who all refuse to take no for an answer. Oh, how I love the New York men dem!

Also, maybe if I am very lucky, I might actually catch a glance of Sarah Jessica Parker running around the streets of Manhattan; now that would make this trip 100% worthwhile. Sorry, I have to end this right here my friends, as New York shopping awaits, along with hot blooded men all clamouring for a piece of Ms. Daley.

Sandy Daley is a columnist, radio and television personality and actress. She is also the author of “Whose Vagina Is It, Really?” She can be contacted at: Website: www.sandydaley.com, Facebook: womanincontrol@facebook.com, Twitter: twitter.com/whosevaginaisit and/or Email:thesinglegirlspot@gmail.com.

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