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4 Top Tips To Save Money During The Holiday Frenzy

4 Top Tips To Save Money During The Holiday Frenzy

NC – So why are you so stressed out when the gifts, gatherings, and traditions of the holidays are meant to be so joyous?

The Globe and Mail estimates that the average Canadian family spends just under $2,000 on every holiday season, so it is no wonder people feel overwhelmed. Not to worry, the following four tips will help you save a bit of cash this year: 

1. WiFi is your friend

These days, online shopping has made buying gifts so much easier. You can find almost everything you need to delight your loved ones with the click of a button and the ring of a doorbell. Log on to your computer, pour yourself a hot chocolate, and settle into stress-free shopping.

“Online shopping is wonderful, but it isn’t entirely without dangers,” cautions Tanya Page, an insurance expert with Western Financial Group. “If a delivery should be stolen from your doorstep, dealing with the claims process may add unnecessary frustration to an already hectic time of year. When making an order, make sure you understand the delivery process so you can ensure that nothing is left unattended.” 

2. Embrace social media

Product sales are great, although you can’t really count on them before Boxing Day. You can, however, seek out many special deals by following your favourite brands on Twitter, or by clicking ‘Like’ on their Facebook pages. This is how many companies release details of online-only promotions. 

3. Take a vacation day

If you really must venture out to shops, here’s a secret: Weekday afternoons, before the holidays kick into high gear, offer an entirely different world full of uncrowded concourses and lighter traffic. If you are prone to holiday-related anxiety, it’s worth using a vacation day just to finish shopping and have a little “you time”. 

4. Protect your gifts

Even though the gifts have been unwrapped and dinner has been served, you still risk unexpected losses. “Unfortunately, we see some theft during the holiday season,” explains Page. “A lot of the time, it involves merchandise that hasn’t been added to contents insurance, such as items that were just purchased and stolen from a vehicle.” These include bigger ticket items like engagement rings and major appliances.

To limit this risk, speak to your broker to update your policy so that your coverage is sufficient for any major purchases or gifts.

Now that you’ve saved a bit of money this holiday season, feel free to spend a bit more on yourself when the sales begin. More information on content insurance is available at www.westernfinancialgroup.ca.

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