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Laycocking And Why Women Hate It

Laycocking And Why Women Hate It

By Amirah
Pride Sex Columnist

Laycock: v. the act of begging for sex. “So when you gonna cum lay with me?”

Being a strong minded woman, who knows what she wants, especially when it comes to sex, I am in full support of men being dominant and assertive. The kind of man who has no qualms about telling me exactly what he wants, and that his want is essentially me. Not in the unappealingly crude, feel up my ass, and attempt to brush up against my boobs kind of way, but the eyes locking, hair tingling, “I want to make you feel good”, smooth bedroom-voice kind of way.

Yet, there seems to be a hidden breed of man coming up for air, and infiltrating the scene; the type of man we all may be able to relate to, the vagi-beggar.

In a society that looks at women through tilted heads, and squinted eyes, we’re very used to hearing about women, begging for a penis the same way drug users beg for a hit—calling men non-stop, showing up at their homes, extending such invitations as “your boy’s can hit it too.” In such a slanted perception, I honestly didn’t think there would be a male equivalent, until I met him.

When I first met Cleveland I thought he was cool, being a chef he was on the way to my heart because I love food. But the more we talked and got to know each other, the more I realized he was needy, and in the worst way—almost stalkerishly needy. Calling my phone every hour, and God forbid, I didn’t answer, in the span of five minutes his number would show up 20 times on my phone.

The more he pursued sex with me is the more I did not want him near me, and it wasn’t that he was unattractive, he was cute, some may even say he was fine, young, attentive and caring. Many nights the opening chords of our song would start playing, and my horny self was quick to wriggle into some jeans, planning to drive to his house to get it in, only to be rebuffed when his number would show up on my phone: “You gonna cum over and play?”

No, no I’m not. Damn!

Now, I’m not trying to hate his game or whoever uses this tactic to get some vagina play, but men, if you thought that tactic was cute and effective, it’s not! And if you are having sex as a result of laycocking, they are either doing so out of pity or anger, because they are tired of your whining ass.

Ladies aren’t attracted to that begging foolishness, for the most part we want a strong confident man who lets us know he wants the cookies, without having us feel like if he doesn’t get it he’ll throw a tantrum. Crying for sex will cause a vagina to dry up so fast!

In the midst of my complete and utter disdain for the vagi-beggar, I have not forgotten that the majority of us at some point have laycocked. Whether it’s been a relationship/marriage laycock— your mate is not giving it to you often enough, or the way you want it, so you devise fiendish ways of getting some—over extended sexting, showing up at the office with a ‘picnic basket’ of sex toys, accosting him/her in the shower, etc.

The ex-sex laycock: you haven’t moved on as yet, but you need a good lay, so you attempt to convince your ex as to why you are what’s hot for the night. Those are all understandable and sometimes needed (without the manipulation), but there is a fine line between asking for or initiating sex and outright begging.

Universally the milky way stops flowing when it comes to the vagi-beggar laycock: booty texts all the time saying the same thing 30 different ways: “So when you gonna cum lay with me?”

I’m not. Damn!

Even if I was in a sexual partner drought, I would rather finger myself to death than have pity sex with a vagi-beggar. There are no good feelings stemming from that. No benefits. He would be trying extra hard to prove his worth to you, and what you’ve been missing, and all you’ll be thinking is how much you hate whatever or whoever convinced you to say yes. If he does happen to rock your world, that high will quickly dissipate upon the arrival of: “So, you cuming over tonight?”

No, no I’m not. Damn!

So men, before you make the decision to go past normal laycocking and enter the unforgivable realm of vagi-begging…stop…and just don’t.

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