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Fruits And Veggies Could Be The Key To Living Longer

Fruits And Veggies Could Be The Key To Living Longer

NC – We’re living longer than ever, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States. The average life expectancy south of the border is now just shy of 80 – coming in at 78.8 years of age.

So, what’s behind this positive trend? According to the CDC, people are living healthier lives and that includes eating better and exercising more. The result has been a reduction in cancer rates, heart disease and strokes.

We can all remember our parents urging us to eat our fruits and vegetables if we wanted to grow up big and strong. As it turns out, they were right. Studies show that people who eat diets with plenty of fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce their risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

In Canada, we have access to abundant supplies of produce all year round. Part of the reason for this is modern agricultural innovations, like crop protection products, that help farmers produce abundant yields.

In fact, in Canada, some 65 per cent of vegetable crops would be lost to weeds, insects or diseases without pesticides. Similarly, almost 70 per cent of fruit crops would be lost.

And pesticides are thoroughly regulated by Health Canada, to ensure they are safe so Canadians can enjoy their daily dose of fruit and veggies without a worry. According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency most produce in Canada has absolutely no detectable levels of pesticide residue on them, and in cases where they do, the amount present is much too small to have any negative impact.

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