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JNBS Launches 2015 Black History Month Essay Competition

JNBS Launches 2015 Black History Month Essay Competition

Photo above: Jerrold Johnson (centre), Chief Representative Officer at the JNBS Toronto Representative Office, celebrates with Jenate Stampp (right), winner of the 2014 JN Toronto Office Black History Month competition and Anthony Huang, second place winner. Stampp walked away with an Ipad Mini for her winning submission and Huang received a JN gift certificate valued at $100. The official gift presentations took place at the Brampton A’s basketball game on February 28, 2014.

TORONTO, Ontario – In observance of Black History Month, the Jamaica National Building Society’s Toronto Representative Office will host its annual Black History Month Essay Competition for high school students in the Greater Toronto Area.

Grades 9-12 students are being invited to submit an essay of 400 to 500 words on the topic: “Describe a person of colour who has impacted your life and inspired you to be a better person. Explain how you intend to apply that experience in your future.”

Essays should be submitted to jnbstro1@gmail.com by 11:00 p.m., on Friday, February 27, 2015. The top five entries will be awarded prizes. The first prize will be $1,000 bursary toward enrollment in a college, university, or apprenticeship training, and an iPad Mini 3. The second prize is an iPad Mini 2; third prize, an iPad; JN Prize Packs will be awarded as fourth and fifth prizes.

All entrants are required to include their first and last names, mailing address, email address, Facebook page, contact number, name and address of their school, Principal’s name and grade level.

“As part of our support and commitment to promoting the retention of national heritage and culture among youth, we have launched this essay competition, which is now in its second year,” disclosed Jerrold Johnson, Chief Representative Officer. “We were pleased with the overall response to the competition last year, which compelled us to include it in our 2015 calendar of events.”

Noting from observation that there is a common disconnect with young people in identifying with figures from black history, Mr. Johnson explained that it was important to connect with the youth to help them to appreciate and celebrate the significant contributions of people of colour who allow others to enjoy the rights and freedom that are common place today.

“As an organisation, we will be making every effort to educate and affirm the value of our heritage to our young people, so that they can be proud of the contributions of people of colour to society and be inspired to make their own mark. This year’s essay has been tailored to allow students to write about anyone, from the past or present, and how they have been inspired and empowered by that individual.”

He said that the Society was pleased to have 19 associate partners on board this year, “who are excited to play their part in modeling success for our young people and help mold them towards the right direction. “Collaborations like these will no doubt help our young adults experience a brighter future,” Mr. Johnson said.

Jenate Stampp, then a Grade 12 student at the Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School, won the competition last year; while, Anthony Huang placed second.

This year’s winners will be announced at a private event hosted by Jamaica National on March 15, 2015.

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