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Who Plucked This Flower?

Who Plucked This Flower?

Photo above is of the memoriam placed at the entrance of Elijah’s homestead.

By Monica Hernandez, Ph.D
Pride Contributing Writer

“It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not…

They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness” (Lam. 3:22,23).

This is about the recent news of the tragic passing away of Elijah Marsh, a cute little boy whose stay on planet earth was very short─too short. The news of Elijah’s passing away has touched many hearts, including mine, and as I mused upon it, searching for answers, the following words written on a child’s tombstone in England came to my mind:

“Who plucked this flower?” Said the gardener;

“I” said the Master, and the gardener held his peace.”

Who plucked that flower? The Master of the garden did, and the gardener had nothing more to say; what could he say? Wisely, he held his peace. The Master’s decision was final. He owns the garden and only He knows His reason for plucking the flower mentioned in the above couplet.

The garden belongs to the Master, and all the flowers are His. He knows every flower in His garden. He knows every bud about to blossom, every flower that has long shared its beauty with the world, and every flower that is about to fade away. And, to suit His over-all divine plan, He plucks flowers as He pleases.

We all are flowers in the Master’s garden, and, in another aspect, we all are sojourners here, as well, for this world is not our home. For some of us, our stay here is a long one, for others the stay it is short, and for Elijah Marsh it was very short.

Yesterday, I drove past the housing complex where Elijah spent his last days and viewed

the group of little teddy bears and other mementoes of love placed there at the entrance of Elijah’s homestead. I felt seeing the episode on television was not enough. Seeing little Elijah caught on camera, walking to his death was not enough. I felt I had to get closer to the spot where that little one lost his earthly life and Paradise gained a little angel returned home.

In my analytical ways of thinking, I have asked myself questions and wondered what thoughts and motivation spurred little Elijah to leave his home and venture out into the cold, blistery night. Unsurprisingly, I received no answers. No one knows or will ever know. Only God knows.

None of us like to see young children pass away. We wish to see them grow andvbecome adults, well grounded, productive and prosperous.vI do not personally know the Marsh family, however, my heart goes out to them: the parents, grandparents, all his earthly kin, and his playmates.

As well, I have asked myself: How can any parent, grandparent or other close relative withstand such a tragedy? And I was reminded of Matthew 5:4, which tells us: “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” God reserves a special comfort for those who mourn and I pray that the Spirit of God will pour out that comfort lavishly upon the family and close ones of Elijah Marsh.

God is faithful to us and will not leave us unattended.

Suggested Readings: Psalm 34:8; Lamentations 3:22-23; Matthew 5:4.

Reflection: Only God, by His grace, gives enduring strength, peace and understanding.

Prayer: “Ah, Lord God, great is thy faithfulness, and our hope is in you. Amen.”

Dr. Hernandez hosts the radio broadcast The Revealing Word  heard on JOY 1250 AM, every Sunday morning at 8:30. She can be reached at 416-744-9745, also at: Ask about the book: “Breaking Through the Barriers” by Dr. Hernandez which is now revised and updated. This book can be a helpful resource to you in overcoming the hurdles in your life and is available at A Different Booklist, 746 Bathurst St., Toronto.

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