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US Firm Offers To Assist Jamaican Cannabis Market

US Firm Offers To Assist Jamaican Cannabis Market

DENVER, Colorado, CMC – A communications and marketing firm here says it is ready to provide services to the “newly-minted” Jamaican cannabis market.

Cannabis Global Initiative (CGI) says it is now offering a “full suite of services” to assist companies wanting to be among the first to do legal cannabis business in the Caribbean, and has opened a second office in Jamaica’s capital – Kingston.

“We work with businesses, municipalities, policymakers, and other cannabis-related entities in local, national, and international markets,” CGI said.

“Our team is highly specialized in all aspects of cannabis and have expert inside knowledge and experience on the regulatory framework which can be customized for most municipalities,” it added.

Since 2009, CGI said it has worked to bring regulation, decriminalization and retail sales to Colorado, and has been “at the forefront of creating the laws and regulation surrounding medicinal, edible and now legal cannabis.”

“With the opening of its second office and CGI’s longstanding relationships with the Jamaican government, policy stakeholders and the growing community, CGI is prepared to advise companies with placing their products and/or services in the first Caribbean country to legalize marijuana for medicinal use,” the statement said.

TessMaria Leon, Director of Client Services for CGI’s Caribbean team, heads CGI’s Kingston office.

“We’ve created a robust offering to ensure the best companies are being represented and positioned correctly to do business in the Caribbean,” said CGI President Wanda James.

Last month , the Jamaican Parliament gave the green light to the amendments of the Dangerous Drugs Act make possession of two ounces or less of marijuana a non-arrestable, ticketable offence that attracts no criminal record.

The Bill also provides for the creation of a Cannabis Licensing Authority, which will be responsible for developing the regulations governing the medical marijuana industry.

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