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How To Shop Smart And Save

How To Shop Smart And Save

(NC) It’s the time of year for festive dinners, family parties and lovely gifts. But the season of giving doesn’t need to be a season for overspending. The key is having a plan. Set a budget for the most important things that make this time of year meaningful for you. Whether it’s for home decorations, travel, gifts or food, here are some tips on how to make your money go farther and leave your bank account a little less drained.

Smart travels

Whether you’re travelling to visit family or booking a trip to get away from it all, flights can be expensive at this time of year. Plan in advance and earn travel miles by shopping for the gifts on your list at the Aeroplan eStore. Shop for anything from clothing, to jewelry, to books and electronics from the comfort of your own home all while earning Aeroplan Miles that can then be redeemed towards your dream trip.

Embrace the potluck

There’s no need for the host to make everything when it comes to holiday dinners. Assign each dish to one of your guests so you don’t need to spend too much time slaving in the kitchen and too much money on an endless list of ingredients. This approach will also give everyone a chance to showcase their show stopping dishes.

Opt for DIY

Rather than spending loads on store bought décor, make a fun project for your family by creating your own. Find materials in your backyard like pine cones and branches, add some ribbon and touch of sparkle for beautiful homemade table arrangements. If you’re tired of using the same decorations year after year but don’t want to buy new ones, do a swap with friends to find new treasures for your home.

Rethink your spending

Review your financial habits and make changes to carry forward into the new year. Be intentional with your spending by making a plan for what you need to buy, and record what you spend to see if there are ways you’re wasting money.

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