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Why Students Need Arts Education

Why Students Need Arts Education

(NC) While many parents place a strong focus on academic learning through subjects like math and science, education in the arts contributes to overall student success.

In the long run, learning through visual arts, dance, music or drama helps students boost creativity to interpret the world around them.

In the shorter term, students engaged in the arts do better in school. The Canada Council for the Arts quotes substantial research from the U.S. that shows students with high arts involvement perform better on standardized achievement tests. They also watch fewer hours of TV, participate in more community service and report less boredom in school.

Work by Hill Strategies Research, shows that Canadians who read books, go to concerts, movies, theatres and galleries are more likely to volunteer, donate and help their neighbours.

A teacher in Kingston, Ont. is combining music with community engagement. Norm Guntensperger’s elementary students will soon be practising and playing concerts for an audience of nursing home residents. Guntensperger says it benefits both groups. “Certainly, opportunities will be sought to deepen the experience through sharing of art work and taking the time to interact with the seniors.”

His project is registered through MyClassNeeds, a charitable crowd-funding organization that supports publicly-funded schools across Canada.

More information about this program and donation opportunities is available at www.myclassneeds.ca.

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