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Jamaica’s Ruling Party Launches Election Manifesto

Former Jamaica Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller.

Jamaica’s Ruling Party Launches Election Manifesto

Photo above: PNP Party Leader, Portia Simpson Miller. Photo courtesy of the PNP.

KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – Yesterday, Jamaica’s ruling People’s National Party (PNP) launched its manifesto, ahead of the February 25 general election, promising jobs for young people, to implement further tax reforms and raising the threshold applicable for personal income tax.

The PNP, which is seeking to regain control of the 63-member Parliament, said the “focal point “of the new Portia Simpson Miller administration, “will be to grow the economy”.

PNP-manifesto-300x242“We are confident that we have the right mix of policies to jump-start the economy in an environment of stable prices,” the PNP said in the document, adding “these initiatives should provide the jobs in the numbers needed, reduce poverty levels at a more acceptable pace and improve the quality of life for our people.”

The party added that, it intends to establish a special program to get 10,000 youths into permanent jobs, as part of 100,000 new jobs it will create over the next five years, if re-elected.

The PNP said it would look towards the vital tourism industry to provide at least 40,000 permanent jobs, and that the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP) will also be used to create employment here.

In the document, which outlined the party’s 21 steps to progress, the PNP also cited plans to move the country forward and further tax reform measures.

It said, this would include reducing the personal income tax rate for individuals; reducing the general consumption tax (GCT) rate; as well as reducing taxes on consumer goods.

The party also outlined plans to further increase the tax-free portion for individuals, by raising the threshold applicable for personal income tax.

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