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Benefit From Better Notices

Benefit From Better Notices

(NC) We are all concerned about getting the most money back during tax time. Having clear information in an easy to understand format definitely helps us determine which benefits we might qualify for.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is improving the way it serves Canadians. In the fall of 2014, the CRA reviewed its external correspondence, looking at how the notices and assessments are structured, designed, formatted, and written. The bottom line: simplified correspondence would help communications between Canadians and the CRA. Whether you apply for family benefits, Disability Tax Credit (DTC), or GST/HST credit, the information in your notice will be easier to find and understand.

What does this mean for Canadians?

Starting in July 2016, the CRA will begin sending simplified Benefits Notices. No longer will you have to search through your notices for information, rather you will be able to find the most important material front and centre.

If you are looking to receive credits and benefits as a senior, a student or someone who has suffered severe or prolonged impairment, easier to understand information could mean more money in your pocket.

How are the Benefits Notices improved?

1. The most important information is clearly set out with the account summary displayed on the first page.

2. The text is simplified to include only the most important information in a consistent format.

3. Additional CRA services are highlighted, including online services, Direct Deposit, My Account, and help for persons with hearing or visual impairments such as operator-assisted relay service.

These improvements to the Benefits Notices are part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to make the CRA client-focused and more helpful by improving the ways the CRA communicates with Canadians.

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