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Best Wishes To You, Personally, And Your Online Publication

Pride News Magazine Publisher/Editor:

I just finished reading Pride’s issue of Wednesday, February 10, 2016. It was interesting to note that this publication will be the last printed edition, after 33 years of service to the community.

I am keeping this publication as an historical piece.

We thank you for those years of good news, in print, from communities here in Canada, across the Caribbean and the African continent. It helps to bring us together as a culture and educational in its perspective.

You have indicated that the magazine is moving in a new, upward direction, which offers the promise of growth and hope of increased profits and longevity. While I understand and appreciate your position as a committed newspaper businessman with a forward looking credible magazine, I am concerned about how the online media will impact the elder generation, some of whom is reluctant to familiarize themselves with the new technologies. It could be a real challenge!

I trust that online news will captivate and educate readers as did the print publication that preceded the advent of online medium. Maybe, this is a good time in Black History Month to initiate the change by adapting to modern technology.

I do look forward to keeping myself updated through this medium.


Derrick McLennon

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