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How To Soothe A Teething Baby?

How To Soothe A Teething Baby?

(NC) A baby’s first year is full of joy and giggles, but there will also be days when your wee one is cranky and crying. The irritability and achiness that accompanies the teething stage of development can sometimes be more painful for parents than for your infant.

Symptoms can include trouble sleeping, sore gums, and loss of appetite, as well as the urge to chew on anything and everything. While many options may seem hopeless, here are some remedies that can help soothe your baby’s sore gums:

• Try a gum massage. Use a clean finger, moistened gauze pad or damp washcloth to massage your baby’s gums. The pressure can work to ease the discomfort.

• Invest in a teething toy. Try a rubber liquid-filled teething ring to relieve the need for chewing.

• Keep it cool. A cold washcloth or chilled teething ring can be soothing.

• Find chilled foods. If your baby is eating solid foods, cold items such as applesauce or yogurt are good choices.

• Use a clean cloth. Excessive drooling is par for the course for the teething process, help prevent skin irritation by keeping a clean cloth handy to dry your baby’s chin and opt for absorbent sheets for bedtime.

• Look for a pain reliever. Try homeopathic medicines such as Camilia which use medicinal ingredients like German chamomile for relief of teething pain and irritability, Poke for soothing painful gums and Chinese rhubarb for help with minor digestive disorders, like diarrhea, sometimes associated with teething. Developed specifically for babies and toddlers, Camilia is made with sterile water and contains no sugar, colouring or preservatives.

Keep in mind, these homeopathic medicines may not be right for everyone, always read and follow the label.

More information on teething is available at www.boiron.ca/teething.

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