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Outdoor Design Trends For 2016

Outdoor Design Trends For 2016

Photo above is of the Debbie Travis Chelsea Conversation Set.

(NC) Canadian design enthusiasts have one more thing to look forward to this spring as new outdoor trends emerge. Make your outdoor living area look as good as it makes you feel so you can take advantage of the season, whether you’re relaxing, playing or socializing.

Here, Debbie Travis, Canada’s lifestyle expert, who recently launched an exclusive partnership at Sears Canada, shares her favourite new outdoor trends.

Space-saving patios: Multi-functional patio sets that save space are a go-to item this year. “No matter how much space we have, it seems there’s never enough. That’s why it’s important to select versatile, space-saving patio sets,” she advises. “When it comes time to put away the patio set for winter, we want to be able to stow it away easily and use minimal space. Sofas that have all the chairs slotted underneath or coffee tables that sit right on top of the sofa make it easy to cover and pack-up.” Travis suggests her Chelsea Conversation set, designed specifically for Canadian weather, available at Sears Canada.

European inspired pieces: You can rejuvenate their outdoor living spaces by pulling inspiration from Europe. Right now, it’s all about sleek, modern pieces combined with rustic accents. “Canadian barnwood is very cool at the moment and quite popular in Europe. Consider using it to build an outdoor countertop or as flooring on the deck,” says Travis.

Mix and match: Mismatched is trendy, so mix-up accessories like throw pillows or tableware. “Combine colourful, vintage looking pieces with simple, modern whites or greys. It’s not only about mixing colour and pattern, but also old with new,” says Travis. “Tableware has also come a long way, and now it’s easy to achieve a fun yet sophisticated look with pieces that appear to be ceramic but are shatter resistant.”

Travis recommends being adventurous with colour, fabrics and materials. Outdoor furniture made from multiple materials promotes a dynamic fusion between the indoor and outdoor entertaining space. Popular combinations for 2016 are wood and iron, stainless steel and teak or aluminum and wicker.

More information and tips are available at www.sears.ca.

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  1. When you talk about outdoor designs, no country has better taste than Canada, as people there believe in making their homes look the best possible. One emerging trend, particularly for spring and summer, is that decks and landscape designs are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Toronto region.

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