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Canadian Singer, Bryan Adams Helps Launch Fund In St. Vincent

Bryan Adams performs live in the Color Line Arena, Hamburg, Germany, on June 3, 2007. Photo credit: Marco Maas.

Canadian Singer, Bryan Adams Helps Launch Fund In St. Vincent

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Apr. 1, (CMC) – The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Preservation Fund has been launched here, with Canadain singer-songwriter, Bryan Adams, who has been living in Mustique since 2002, serving on its Board of advisors.

Adams, a Hollywood Hall of Fame inductee, told the event that he was originally going to Jamaica in 2002, when a friend invited him to Mustique, one of the islands that form the Grenadines.

“And the next morning, I went to look for a home here. I am now a Vincentian. Actually, I’m a Vincy. And I want to make my contribution, as a Vincy, to this beautiful place. And this fund, I think, I believe, will make a huge difference, and it has already started,” he added.

I want to preserve that for my children and for all children, for your children as well,” said Adams, whose songs include the blockbuster hit, “I Do It For You”. He has spent the last six years as Head of the environmental committee in Mustique.

“I think that Mustique acts as a small model of what could actually happen here (St. Vincent). We’ve had huge advances in our sustainable energy, we are rebuilding our coral reefs, we’ve got an incredible environmental program to protect fauna and the species on the island, and I believe that this is what should happen in St. Vincent. And this was really the impetus for me to be here and create this fund. I am happy to support this,” Adams said.

Apart from Adams, the Board of advisors include, Ben Goldsmith, Henry Channon, the former chair of the Mustique Company, and other Mustique homeowners.

Louise Mitchell, who was also instrumental in establishing the Fund, told the launch that Adams has been a contributor to environmental projects and suggested, last year, that a fund be set up for conservation here.

Bryan Adams live in the Color Line Arena, Hamburg, Germany, on 3 June 2007. Photo credit:

Bryan Adams live in the Color Line Arena, Hamburg, Germany, on 3 June 2007. Photo credit: Marco Maas.

“It was music to my ears,” Mitchell said, adding that Adams’s friend, Ben Goldsmith, a conservationist and investor in renewable energy, had already established such funds in the Aeoleon Islands and Ibiza.

“As such, our preservation fund is modelled on these two funds which are success stories,” Mitchell said, adding those funds identify issues of concern facing their islands’ ecosystems and raise funds to address them.

Mitchell noted the fund is effectively a sub-fund of the UK Friends of the Mustique Charitable Trust, which focuses on social development and poverty alleviation.

Health, Wellness and the Environment Minister, Luke Browne, lauded the effort of those involved in the Fund saying “it is clear that we are now in a time when we have to put more emphasis on environmental issues,” he told the gathering.

“We have to see how we could protect the environment and we are doing this in the context of a broad international discussion which touches and concerns this very matter,” he said, adding that the Fund comes at a time when the world is grappling with the ravages of climate change.

“We are contending with our fragile position within the international order of ecosystems. And when we have a partnership that could be forged with such a fund and with St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I think it is vital for us to signal our appreciation for so important a partnership,” the Minister said.

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