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Spring Lipstick Trends You’ve Gotta Try

Spring Lipstick Trends You’ve Gotta Try

By Narissa Van Cooten
PRIDE Guest Writer

Spring is finally here! It’s a time to rejuvenate your look as the warm weather approaches (hopefully!). So why not try this season’s hottest lip trends:

lipsticksRed: Red is a classic option for a sultry pout and is my personal go-to lip colour. Try a candy apple shade for a look that cannot be missed. You can sport it during the day for a touch of class and transition into the evening for a night on the town.

Magenta: Red not your thing? No worries! Spring brings flowers, so why not wear some floral hues on those lips. Swipe on a bright, deep magenta or fuchsia. It’ll add just the right amount of pop to any look.

Rose Quartz: Light pink shades are on-trend this season and are a good option for anyone looking for a subtle, yet pretty look. According to Sephora, the Sephora+Pantone Universe lipstick in Rose Quartz is the colour of the year. FYI: please be aware that this Sephora shade is a layering lipstick. Use it to blend with other shades to create your perfect hue. According to the reviews on their website, using it as a stand-alone shade resulted in some serious makeup drama. So…you have been warned!

Orange: This shade is not for the faint of heart! If you’re feeling playful and want to add a punch to your look, you should definitely give it a try. Word of advice: make sure the rest of your makeup is simple as the orange lips are bold enough as is.

Nude: This one is another oldie but goodie. For those who shy away from the bold colours, you can do no wrong with a nude lip. This season look for nude sheer lipsticks with undertones of pink, purple, or coral.

Matte: If a shiny lip isn’t your thing, you might be a matte girl! Try a matte lip in bright red, pink, or purple and you’ll be ready to strut your stuff.

Whichever lip colour you do try, promise me one thing… have fun with it!

And for my ladies of colour, if you’re anything like me, you’ve looked at a lipstick in the store, absolutely loved the shade, went home, promptly tried it on, looked in the mirror and was utterly horrified at the sight! I know this can be extremely frustrating, not only for lipstick purchases, but for all makeup purchases for the darker skinned.

Enter 26-year-old Ofunne Amaka, a Nigerian native in the U.S. who was tired of the “makeup purchase nightmares”. Ofunne created Cocoa Swatches, an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing the latest makeup products on various skin complexions so we can actually see what it would look like. It has garnered much attention and popularity and Ofunne has taken it one step further with the Cocoa Swatches mobile app! According to the website, “The Cocoa Swatches app… will help you make informed makeup purchases and let you in on what’s really good with the makeup industry.”

So there you have it ladies… a solution to all your makeup nightmares.

Post below is from Cocoa Swatches on Instagram showcasing lip colours on different skin tones:

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