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Two Day Deck Makeovers

Two Day Deck Makeovers

(NC) Anyone who has built a deck knows it can be a long and expensive process. It’s not a task you want to undertake every few years, so why not properly protect your investment. There are a wide variety of do-it-yourself products designed to make deck restoration easy. One weekend is all you need to transform the look of your outdoor wood surfaces.

Refinishing your deck can be done in just three simple steps:

1. Protect yourself and your work space.

Wet the plant life around the deck then cover it to protect against product run-off. Wear old clothes, protective glasses and gloves. Clear the deck of all furniture and decorative items.

2. Prepare the surface.

Clean the deck and remove mildew stains, dust, dirt, oil, soot or grease. A properly prepared surface allows for better sealer absorption. An effective solution is the Thompson’s WaterSeal Heavy Duty Deck cleaner, but be sure to follow the usage instructions. These products should be applied with a staining brush and then rinsed with a garden hose or pressure washer. Allow your deck to dry for at least 24 hours. Then repair loose screws or damaged boards on the deck surface.

3. Apply the sealer.

Once your deck is dry you can apply the sealer. Another popular DIY product for the job is Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oi, available in natural, teak, walnut, pecan and redwood. It is easy to apply with only one coat and an oil-based formula that minimizes lap marks and colour streaking. Allow your deck to dry for another 24-hours before taking full advantage of your new space.

With a properly sealed deck you can rest assured that your investment is protected against the damaging effects of mildew and bright sunshine.

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