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Host The Most Canadian Canada Day Barbecue Ever, Eh

Host The Most Canadian Canada Day Barbecue Ever, Eh

If there’s one day we love to boldly display our national pride, it’s Canada Day. Combining glorious weather, delicious food and entertaining company, this holiday is one of our country’s favourites. But do you find that yourself attending (or hosting) the same celebration year after year? This July, why not throw a party that stands out from other years with the following tips:

Make it a red and white party.

You’ve heard of a white party — or at the very least, seen one on your favourite TV show, where swanky people in the Hamptons dress up all in white for a fabulous soirée. Put a Canadian spin on the trend by asking your guests to wear only red and white this July 1st — you’ll be amazed at how far some might go to creatively embrace our colours.

It’s all in the details.

A successful Canada Day barbecue will keep that red and white theme throughout. Decorate using red and white streamers and balloons, create a playlist featuring your favourite old school and contemporary Canadian artists, and use the opportunity to finally display that strange hockey-sweater-wearing moose statue your Aunt Maude gave you for Christmas one year.

Prepare a Canadian menu.

You can’t have a Canada Day barbecue without traditional grill fare, but put a national twist on your burgers, hot dogs, and salad ingredients by making sure you buy Canadian beef and local produce. Drinks are easy — serve red and white wine for adults, and cranberry juice and milk for kids. For dessert, stay with the theme by serving Chapman’s red and white Canadian Cone or Canadian Vanilla, eh! Ice cream, which you can slice like a cake to reveal a red maple leaf design in the centre. You’ll also feel good knowing you’re supporting a Canadian family-owned and operated business.

Make it fun for kids and adults.

It’s enjoyable for kids and adults to hang out separately some of the time, but plan a couple of activities that you can also enjoy together. One great game that is fun for all ages and easy to put a Canadian spin on is charades — just make it a rule that any people or movies should be Canadian.

More tips for a party that is sure to beat the heat can be found online at chapmans.ca/ParentsZone/PartyTips.


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