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4 Smartphone Tips To Stay Safe And Connected When Travelling

4 Smartphone Tips To Stay Safe And Connected When Travelling

Today, a smartphone is an essential part of your luggage, wherever you roam. Whether you’re a senior heading out to explore the world, a family off on vacation, or a student going abroad, these four tips will keep you and your smartphone safe along the way:

1. Book Carefully

Booking travel and accommodations has never been easier, but that convenience comes with risks. Only use reputable online travel agencies or go directly to the source for airline tickets or hotel reservations, such as the airline and hotel websites. “The rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it is,” says Shelly Smith, director at Telus Wise.

2. Enhance Your Wi-Fi Security

Wireless Internet is nearly ubiquitous, even in remote places. Using open networks is a great way to stay in touch although it can make you vulnerable. “Protect yourself by downloading and using a VPN app, like Express VPN or VyprVPN,” Smith explains. “This will secure your data and ward off cybercriminals.”

3. Lose Your Trail

To avoid threats from cybercriminals while away, turn off GPS tracking when not in use and do not grant location access to your apps. And while meeting new friends is one of the best parts of travelling, feel free to say “no” to strangers who offer to use your phone to get a picture of you. Ask them to pose with you instead.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Phone

You should always use a strong password with acronyms, numbers and symbols and keep your device in closed compartments. But what happens if your phone decides to go on a vacation of its own? Guard against loss by putting your hotel’s contact information on the lock screen in case someone picks it up. Or install a tracking app such as Find My iPhone or Lookout Security & Antivirus, but don’t go looking for it without assistance or you might put yourself in danger.

Now you’re ready to pack your bags. You can learn more about staying safe while travelling with your smartphone at telus.com/wise.


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