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Jamaica’s Government To Undertake Audit Of Borders

Jamaica's Minister of Transport and Mining, Robert Montagu, addresses the House of Representatives. Photo credit: Donald Delahaye/JIS.

Jamaica’s Government To Undertake Audit Of Borders

By Latonya Linton
JIS Contributing Writer

KINGSTON, Jamaica, July 7, (JIS) — Minister of National Security, Robert Montague, says the government is to undertake an audit of the nation’s borders.

Making his contribution to the 2016/17 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on July 6, the Minister said the movement of drugs, people and guns is too free and frequent.

“If at our established ports we are finding guns and drugs, can you imagine what is coming in at our other ports?” the Minister asked.

“Our borders stretch for up to 70 miles. Our marine economic zone can produce up to US$10 million per year in natural resources. But our brothers and sisters from Central and South America are reaping more than us,” Montague added.

He pointed out that, along with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, the Security Ministry will be acquiring the appropriate technology and deploying it, to deal with security on the country’s borders.

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