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How Summer Camp Can Prepare Children For Adulthood

How Summer Camp Can Prepare Children For Adulthood

(NC) Sending your kids to camp is one of the best experiences you can offer them. More than just a place to play and have fun, camp encourages self-esteem and helps build lifelong friendships. Here are three reasons it helps kids turn into successful adults.

1. Builds Confidence

Summer camp empowers youth to develop social skills, become more independent, and boosts confidence through the ability to manage daily life, make their own decisions and try new things. A camp like Muskoka Woods youth resort provides a wide range of activities where kids personalize their daily schedule based on their interests. The element of choice fosters confidence in independent decision-making.

2. Resiliency

This is one of the toughest issues faced by kids today. With pressure from school, family, friends and relationships, the ability to overcome daily challenges and adapt to changes in life in a healthy way is one of the most powerful skills kids can develop. The power of camp allows youth to develop a sense of belonging through shared experiences, be valued by others, and be part of a friendly and supportive community where they create lasting friendships. It’s an environment that empowers campers to be themselves, step out of their comfort zones and try new things so they can become more comfortable and confident as individuals.

3. Leadership skills

Summer camp develops strong leaders through both implicit and explicit training. With an emphasis on community and living in cabin groups, youth learn the value of collaboration, teamwork and conflict resolution. Daily group activities provide team building opportunities where campers learn how to work together to achieve common goals. Campers also receive valuable mentorship from camp counsellors who lead by example, instill positive leadership values and empower campers to build confidence while conquering their fears.

For targeted leadership training, Muskoka Woods offers a leadership program called CEO where youth ages 15 to 17 gain practical and educational leadership skills that will follow them for life and inspire them to shape their world.


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