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How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Ceiling Mould

How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Ceiling Mould

(NC) Many Canadian bathroom ceilings grow mould, but simply rolling on new paint won’t make your ceiling look great again. For lasting success, you need to follow the multi-step process below.

  • Start by killing ceiling mold with a registered non-bleach fungicide, then use a 4-inch-wide putty knife to scrape loose paint. Show no mercy — everything that’s not solid needs to go. Sanding will help with this, too. Do this by hand or use a quarter-sheet electric finishing sander with 120-grit sandpaper. Wear a dust mask and safety glasses. Sanding often highlights loose areas you missed, so keep your putty knife handy.
  • Next use your putty knife to apply a skim coat of drywall repair compound over low areas where paint flakes used to be. Extend the compound three or four inches past the point where sound paint begins. Let the compound dry for 12 hours, then use an abrasive sponge to smooth the area and feather the edges where repair compound meets solid paint. You’ll probably need to patch and sand a second time to repair all damage. Coat the ceiling with a stain-blocking primer to encapsulate the dead mould, then apply a mildew-resistant ceiling paint.
  • Now that you have that mould under control and a fresh coat of paint on your ceiling, take steps to prevent mould growth in the first place. Under-sized exhaust fans are the main reason many bathrooms grow mould. Assuming an 8-foot ceiling, fan capacity in cubic feet per minute needs to match or exceed the square footage of your bathroom. For example, a 100-square foot bathroom needs at least a 100 cubic feet per minute fan.

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