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Poetry Soapbox: Death Mask

Poetry Soapbox: Death Mask

Death Mask

By Lorna King
PRIDE Poet Laureate

In the split second,
between wakefulness,
and sleep, my ancestors
visit me wearing death masks

with a backdrop
of lighted black and white
they gently surround my fears;
while they probe my encoded past.

the ancestors judge
in one fleeting connection
our lineage and journey; and they
soothe my mind with the experience of kin.

 in the warm darkness;
I safely swim into tomorrow.
ancestors regularly cross the night but they do not talk;
they rehearse endings while moulding my life mask to tame the immediate.

Lorna King -- bylineLorna King, who worked in various hotel management capacities in Jamaica and in the U.S.A. before migrating to Canada in 1998, was awarded the Order of Distinction, Officer Class, by the Jamaican government in 2009. She is also a former President of P.A.C.E. (Canada) and a Director of the People Bridge Charitable Foundation.

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