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“Full Weight Of The Law” For Persons Who Killed Mother Of Three, Says St. Lucia External Affairs Minister

CASTRIES, St. Lucia November 13, 2017 (CMC) —External Affairs Minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, says the person, or persons, responsible for the murder of a woman, last week, need to be “hounded” and brought to justice.

“What is important is that this person, or persons, need to be found, need to be hounded wherever they are hiding and be brought to justice,” the minister, who is also an attorney, told a news conference, yesterday.

External Affairs Minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.

External Affairs Minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.

“They must feel the full weight of the law descending upon them, and I think it is a responsibility of every St. Lucia citizen to do what we have to do to find the perpetrators.”

“Somebody must know something. Somebody must have heard about something and the police cannot solve crime unless they get assistance and, of course, the government needs to provide the Royal St. Lucia Police Force with every support it needs,” the minister observed.

She expressed confidence that this would happen.

Flood-Beaubrun said that her thoughts and prayers go out to the relatives of murder victim, Saadia Byron, 32.

Reported missing since Thursday night, the mother of three was found murdered on Saturday, her semi-nude body, roughly 100 yards from her home, buried in a shallow grave made of rocks.

Flood-Beaubrun declared that like every right thinking person in this country, she is troubled that this could happen in St. Lucia.

“We can’t bring Saadia back, unfortunately, but we can make sure our communities are safer by finding criminals and dealing with them in the appropriate way, in accordance with the law,” the minister stated.

She observed that men are physically stronger than women.

“I was thinking to myself that the only reason why this man got away with this is because his victim could not fight him off, because I am sure that she would have put up a good fight,” the minister told reporters.

She asserted that biologically and “factually” men are stronger than women.

Noting that she was speaking, generally, about violence against women, Flood-Beaubrun spoke out against men who misuse their physical strength, given to them by God to protect, defend and fend for women, to instead violate females in such a “heinous” manner.

Meanwhile relatives of the Laborie woman, on Monday, said that she had made several reports to police of threats to her life by the father of her last child, but no action appeared to have been taken.

However Police told a news conference that their record show that Byron had later requested that no action be taken in connection with the report.

They also said that two men had been taken into custody in connection with the incident.

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