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Life’s Detours Can Help Us To Grow

Life’s Detours Can Help Us To Grow

By Ettie Rutherford
Contributing Writer

Ettie RutherfordQuite recently, one of our topics of study at my church was about the significance of detours in people’s lives. Consequently, I found it very interesting, a few days ago, when I came across this wallpaper about detours — the unexpected experiences that scare, outrage and complicate our everyday lives.

Like during the detours which we encounter during road repairs we become uncertain, scared and unsure, because detours are unplanned situations, which usually lead to unknown territory.

So, what can we learn from our experiences when we encounter life’s detours?

  • Acknowledge that we do not always get what we think we deserve.
  • Regard the detour as an experience that allows us to improve our character.
  • Identify, and use the character-building lessons learned during the detour.
  • Realize that in today’s world, over which we have no control, there will be more detours.
  • Focus less on ourselves by supporting others as they experience their detours.
  • Remember that our GPS (God’s Protective Services ) will show us the way.

In sisterhood!

Award-winning Ettie Rutherford, B.Ed, Dip.Ed, M.Ed, is an educator, life coach, consultant and author of “Why Perch Like A Chick When You Can Soar Like An Eagle?”. An accomplished public speaker, Ettie is the Founder and CEO of Women Are Worthy, which provides step-by-step strategies for women to achieve their goals, with a minimum amount of stress. She can be reached at ettie@womenrworthy.com

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