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How To Overcome Your Silence And Speak Out

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How To Overcome Your Silence And Speak Out

By Ettie Rutherford
Contributing Writer

Ettie RutherfordAlthough you have heard the adage that “silence is golden” it is still the responsibility of caring people to speak up when injustice is being done, and when information is necessary to alleviate negative actions.

History has proven that powerful changes that improved lives on a global scale, were brought about by people like Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, the Suffragettes, Abolitionists, and many others, who raised their voices in order to improve the lives of millions.

For you to break your silence, on your own behalf, or to assist others, it is important to:

> Realize that breaking your silence can be a catalyst for positive change.

> Know that speaking up does not need to be on a mega scale.

> Seek advice from those who can improve your knowledge in your area of concern.

> Accept that breaking your silence might bring about negative reactions. Be strong.

Start by speaking up for yourself. It will boost your self-esteem and gain you more respect.

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