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One Step At A Time

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One Step At A Time

By Ettie Rutherford
Contributing Writer

Ettie RutherfordThe old adage, “Do not bite off more than you can chew”, reminds us to “take it easy”. This is so important in this fast-paced world, in the which we live.

So, although yesterday was All Fool’s Day, let us not be fooled into assuming the role of Superman and Super Woman, denying ourselves the opportunity to clarify the best way to arrange our lives for achieving our goals.

Now is the time to be aware, strategic, disciplined and knowledgeable, setting priorities that will enable us to take one step at a time. Taking the elevator is not always our best option.

There are times, when we need to take the stairs, where we are in complete control of our progress to higher ground. So just remember you can:
1.Chunk your responsibilities into manageable segments.
2. Reduce your stress level by saying “NO” to distracting requests.
3. Set timelines to enable you to work at your designated pace.

We can all eat the elephant — one mouthful at a time.

In Sisterhood!

Award-winning Ettie Rutherford, B.Ed, Dip.Ed, M.Ed, is an educator, life coach, consultant and author of “Why Perch Like A Chick When You Can Soar Like An Eagle?”. An accomplished public speaker, Ettie is the Founder and CEO of Women Are Worthy, which provides step-by-step strategies for women to achieve their goals, with a minimum amount of stress. She can be reached at ettie@womenrworthy.com

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