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“Just Returned From A Few Glorious Months In Guyana”

Guyana's collection of beautiful, exotic birds is exemplified by this toucan, relaxing in a Congo pump tree, in a Madewini forest, on the Demerara River's east bank area. Photo by Joel Cole.

“Just Returned From A Few Glorious Months In Guyana”

Hello Michael!

Just read your piece, “An Enjoyable And Unexpectedly-Memorable Experience In One Of Guyana’s Tropical Forests”, with great interest and pride [pun intended]!! Having just returned from a few glorious months in Guyana, it was affirming to read about how impressed you were with your experience at Splashmins.

While I didn’t get to Splashmins this visit, I experienced similar, uniquely-Guyanese, attentive service, excellent cuisine [I’m a ‘foodin’ too] and personalized meal requests — and breathtaking scenery, flora and fauna — at the following establishments, to name a few: Herdmanston Lodge in Georgetown; Rupununi Eco Hotel in Lethem; Aruwai Resort in Mazaruni.

Like Francis Jeffers (a non-Guyanese Pride reader, who wrote a letter complimenting Guyana’s beauty) I really hope that more Guyanese will take the opportunity to explore and experience our “beautiful Guyana”.

Pamela Grant (nee Anderson)

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  1. I was happy to receive news of Guyana.

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