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Perception Stops And Starts With Us

Perception Stops And Starts With Us


Specific words, used like a paint brush, creates a visual painting for all to interpret, based on who they are and how they’re thinking.

We are including you in our quest to ‘save ourselves’  and humanity from conscious/unconscious self destruction, through repetitive, demeaning statements. Let’s think about what many people repeatedly say (negative semantics) that is and will be documented for years to come to.

Let us seek to encourage and ensure that we utilize our innate intelligence and not imposed, learned biases. To start, people of color, applies one would think, to all human beings.  After all does a colorless human being exist?

Additionally, the labeling and dehumanizing of our African ancestors, being described as “your/our ancestors were slaves or were born a slave”, will indelibly continue to harness disrespect for all of us.

Imagine this depiction and labeling of us, in the 21st century, being broadcast all over the world, for another three or more centuries from now, for our children’s children to be continuously taught in schools, and broadcasted in the media, regardless of our continued contribution in the world.

This is egregious deceit, to hide the injustice of our oppressors, as it infers that our ancestors were inept and inhuman, of no value, and ultimately that we were not created by God.

Unfortunately, many of our own scholars and family members repeat these terms without understanding the depth of its damage.

To forge our collective unity in recognizing that the value and worth of African lives does matter, and has meaning and a purpose beyond systematic servitude for others to gain financial profitability, please join me (if you are in agreement) and others, who are awakening to remain diligent with challenging the following:
1. negative depiction of our people (ancestors/current/future);
2. ask those that repeatedly refer to our ancestors as slaves, to clarify exactly what they mean?
3. use these lies as a teachable moment.

Today, slavery is a condition, classified as ‘human trafficking’. The United States Constitution states that “African ancestors are only 3/5 human’. The UK reference those from the colonized Caribbean countries as “subjects”.

So long as these characterization of Africans and their descendants are legitimized, they will be embedded in many hearts and minds, globally, and continue the disrespect for those of African descendants yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Please help by recognizing that the disrespecting of our African ancestors is the same as disrespecting their future generations.

Patrick and Maxine Thompson
Huntersville, North Carolina

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