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Blacks Must Make Our Voices Count — And Vote


Re: “Blackface, Black Issues And White Newsrooms”, by Ewart Walters

As painful as it was to be reminded by the photo of Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, in Blackface, we must also try to fully understand the Rastaman’s observation, as noted by guest writer, Ewart Walters: “Hairy face don’t make hairy heart.”

There are lessons to be learned, even in negative and painful situations. As thinking people, let us not let political leaders (in this particular instance, Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer) try to gain leverage, by using what is a painful issue and sight for many, to distract from issues that have been overlooked for years.

We, as a community, must remind ourselves that we are an intelligent people and that “Success runs in our race”.

We must mobilize and demand [not go cap in hand] of ALL our politicians, equalities and actions that will make a difference in the lives of people in our communities who need basic and immediate supports and resources – for example, more apprenticeship opportunities; more mentoring; more sustainable employment for college/university graduates, who continue to languish on the fringes in low-paying, part-time jobs or worst, being unemployed.

We must get involved. We must advocate. We must let our voices be heard. We must make our VOTES count!

Marjorie Taylor
Ontario, Canada

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