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What Seeds Are You Planting To Ensure The Right Harvest?

What Seeds Are You Planting To Ensure The Right Harvest?

By Ettie Rutherford
Contributing Columnist

Ettie Rutherford 1In today’s world, with factors that were not present a decade ago, it is extremely challenging for us to plant the right seeds that will ensure the right harvest in our lives.

You have probably found that, because of factors which you did not anticipate, doing the right things to ensure your success, might not be as easy as you thought it would be. The seeds that you are planting might not be right for the ground, which you happen to own, and so your harvest is disappointing, unrewarding and more challenging than you expected.

To ensure reaping the harvest, which you need, and deserve, it might be helpful for you to:
1. Acknowledge that there are activities and processes, at which you are naturally-good, and others that you should ignore.
2. Realize the difference between aptitudes and abilities. Aptitude is a God-given talent, whereas abilities require ongoing education and practice.
3. Distinguish your personal abilities, before deciding on the goals that you want to achieve. Every farmer focuses on the right soil, in which to plant his seeds.
4. Tolerate the discomfort that goes with growth.
5. Ensure that you are improving your abilities to attain a good harvest, by engaging in ongoing evaluation and upgrading of your skills.
6. Refuse to give negative people free accommodation in your brain.
7.Focus on small increments of growth.
8. Engage in self-examination, in order to focus on pluses, instead of negatives.

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