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Letter To Generation Z: Time To Conform To The Realities Of The Pandemic

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Letter To Generation Z: Time To Conform To The Realities Of The Pandemic

Yes, I am fully aware that listening and heeding advice are not among your fortes, but, nevertheless, I hope that reading this, will bring about a change in your thinking.

You have become famous for doing things, never before done, as you continue to push the boundaries on societal norms. However, this is not the time for it.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, is quoted as saying, “there is a time and place for everything, and everything in its place”.

You cannot talk about love and caring, and not display it, when you are called upon to do so. In today’s society, where it is so common and rife to do your own thing, now, with the arrival of a virus — largely unknown, also airborne, claiming human lives in the struggle to survive — it is time to conform, at least for now.

It is time for you to unite with all the generations, as a nation and a world, to protect our most susceptible — the elderly, pregnant, immuno-compromised and a host of others, who are depending on you, to act responsibility, practice social distancing and, consequently, flatten the virus’ infection curve.

I am going to lay bare some facts that are no secret. Recognise it! Respect it! This is one of the most serious diseases that you will ever face in your lifetime. Do not get too smug and comfortable.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that while the risk of death, or severe complications, are higher for older people and those with complications, COVID-19 is more dangerous for young people, than many realize.

We do not want to lose any of you, yet you continue to grieve us, at your false sense of invincibility. From where did you acquire the belief that you are an island in all this?

No, you are part of a broader community, and part of transmissions chains. If you become infected, then you are making things much more difficult and putting people in danger — not just yourself. No name-calling, but that is the behavior of a selfish and thoughtless person.

You do not need the government, or the police, to decide how you behave, where and when you socialize, conditions, which need not be enforced, if you simply follow the rules and regulations, during this present crisis.

We are pleading that you will listen this time, if no other time, and simply follow the Three S’s — Stay home; Stop the spread; and Save lives!

Push the boundaries. Stay home for now.

Yvonne Sam,
a Baby Boomer

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