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We Shall Overcome

Photo credit: Samuel Clara/Unsplash.

We Shall Overcome

“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit” — Bernard Williams

By Ettie Rutherford
Contributing Columnist

Ettie Rutherford 1In these unusually-challenging times, it is critical that we activate our human spirit and choose, whether we will overcome the Corona virus or merely survive, amidst hours of self-pity, while immersing ourselves in doom and gloom.

Tony Robbins, one of the world’s most celebrated inspirational speakers, reminds us that in these times of global upheaval, we all need to remember the resilience of the human spirit.

How true it is. Therefore, it is extremely important that we look in the mirror, focus on our many talents and blessings, and then acknowledge that we are quite capable of overcoming painful changes, even when everything seems to threaten, not only our physical well-being, but also our mental and spiritual strength.

Overcoming fear and disillusionment, in these days of physical, mental, spiritual and financial struggles, is not an option. It is an imperative.

Overcoming will determine our present survival, as well as the extent, to which we will use the lessons learnt, to prepare for other unforeseen pitfalls, in the future.

So, let us keep remembering that historical precedence has shown that Jews overcame the degradation of the Holocaust, and that Black people, the world over, continue to show that even the ravages of slavery, cannot deter the human spirit from overcoming.

This too shall end.

In Sisterhood!

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