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Thanks For Enlightening Article, Featuring Black-Canadian Trailblazers In Nursing

Re: “Recognizing History Of Black Nurses: A First Step To Addressing Racism And Discrimination In Nursing”, published on Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

Thank you Keisha for this enlightening article and for mentioning how my aunt, Bernice Carnegie Redmon, (whom I am named after) was a trailblazer in nursing.

As the keeper of the Carnegie/Redmon family treasures, I have notes, penned by her, along with a tape, in which she reveals her own story. I also have her first nursing cap, received after graduating from St. Philip School of Nursing, Medical College of Virginia, USA.

She did so well they offered her a scholarship to continue studies in a fourth year in community nursing. Yes, she was denied entry to study nursing in her birth land of Canada. Her story is included in the latest edition of our family book, “A Fly in a Pail of Milk, The Herb Carnegie Story”, published by ECW Press. (Available in print and audio.)

It is disturbing to learn that the struggle continues for young women, like you, Keisha. However, it is also encouraging to see that you appreciate the challenges of those, who opened the doors of opportunity before you, and are stepping up to meet those challenges.

Each generation has answered the call to be of service to humanity. I applaud your efforts and all those, who join you. An old adage came to mind, after reading your article, “the more things change; the more they stay the same”.

I wish you and the many others, who have chosen this profession, my sincere best wishes as you extend yourselves, not only in these troubling times, but also, while navigating through the challenges of racism.

Stay well and safe.

Bernice Yvonne Carnegie,
Public Speaker and Author
Niece of Bernice Isobel Carnegie Redmon
Daughter of Herbert H. Carnegie

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