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Schools In Guyana To Reopen For Students On May 15

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, June 4 2020 (CMC) – Teachers and members of the auxiliary staff have been told to report to school, on Monday, in order to prepare schools for revision classes and exams, in keeping with the public health protocols .

The Education Ministry announced that students, sitting upcoming examinations, are required to attend school, from June 15, and thereafter, every other day, as part of preparation for the sitting of their exams.

According to the Ministry, only students, preparing for those exams, are required to attend school.

A local media source quotes a senior Education Ministry official as saying, that principals will decide how classes will be conducted and on what specific days, with classes being held, no more than three days per week, and a total of four hours on each day.

The official said it is not mandatory for students to attend the classes, since the classes are for revision purposes. It was pointed out that the important days would be the days of the actual examinations, and they must be present for those days.

Under the order, no more than 15 students will be permitted to be seated in a classroom, at any one time, and they must be seated, at least six feet apart, from each other.

In keeping with the efforts to fight the coronavirus, all schools must have stations for handwashing, with a regular supply of soap and running water, and the schools will also have to have an area, designated as a waiting area, for when students arrive at school and before they enter the examination rooms.

In addition, floor markings will be put in place, to ensure students are always six feet apart from each other, and the invigilators will have to place the exam papers on the desks in the classrooms, before the students arrive, to ensure distancing between the students and the invigilators.

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